Together, we will uncover a greater awareness of what your behaviours are, both internally and externally. We will get to the bottom of why these behaviours and habits began and how they have served you in your life so far. We will figure out what is impacting your life positively and change what isn't working for you at the moment.


I will support you in figuring out strategies to employ that will bring you closer to your Ideal Life. Together, we will set specific, measurable and highly relevant goals that are challenging but achievable. We will ensure that these goals are aligned with your values and beliefs to support you in even greater success.


You will be held accountable and responsible for your goals and changes. With regular check ins and support outside of your coaching sessions, I will help keep you on track. And when you achieve your goals, you can be sure that I will celebrate with you! 


I found Kristina an exceptional coach. Her professionalism, integrity and insight encompasses everything she does. Kristina has a great ability to connect with people and guide them from the heart toward their ultimate truth. I am incredibly grateful to her for helping me get great clarity on a range of issues I was facing. I felt safe to explore the deepest parts of my psyche with her knowing she was there with clean empathy to bring me out the other side, a better man.
— Ben, 30 - Humbled Man, Engineer and Leader.