KA Coaching started because of behaviours I used to express. There is no shame in admitting that when I finished university, I had behaviours made me feel like I couldn't control my life or emotions. Sabotaging behaviours led to poor choices and held me back from achieving what I wanted out of each day. I decided it was time to take a leap of faith and change my attitude, behaviour and start setting new goals that would help me grow as I went through life. I started getting life coaching and from that point forward my life completely changed.

My life coach helped me understand why I was thinking a certain way and how that was sabotaging my life in multiple areas. He helped me realise that I could choose to step off the roller coaster of emotions and become the best version of who I am.

My business is built around helping your personal growth, building your confidence in yourself and holding my clients accountable for everything we set out to do. I look forward to the opportunity to work with you.

-- Kristina Alekna


Kristina Alekna



From working with world class athletes to well established business owners, I have the expertise to support you to achieve the life you want. When I’m not helping you change the world, I am busy expanding my knowledge or spending time with my family (including my much loved animals…although don’t let this photo trick you: my cat is not cuddly).

I am accredited by the AIRLC which means I adhere to a high standard of coaching and ethics.



Real Education Accelerated Learning (REAL)
Certified Life Coach

Australian Institute Of Real Life Coaches (AIRLC)
Accredited Life Coach